Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, four-piece outfit ZOO HARMONICS offer a solid, hook laden take on modern music, creating a captivating fusion of alternative and punk rock with a power pop vivacity.

Their debut album ‘Business in the Front… Party in the Back’ was recorded in Seattle inside the legendary Robert Lang Studios (Nirvana, Taking Back Sunday, and Sunny Day Real Estate) and produced by the masterful John Goodmanson (Death Cab for Cutie, The Blood Brothers, and Bikini Kill); This Upcoming release is Zoo Harmonics's 2nd Album, "Iktelan". The Album was produced by the one and only GGGarh Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Biffy Clayro) at the Farm Studios. It is clear that working with such formative figures has enabled the band to reach their well crafted sound and release a polished debut.

The standout tracks ‘Bowling Ball’ ‘My Journey to Iktelan’ and 'Signs From Above', offer the perfect introduction to ZOO HARMONICS’s sound. These tracks demonstrate how the album can stand shoulder to shoulder with any recent rock releases. The band’s refined musicianship coupled with exceptional production, create a distinctive and electrifying release, offering enormous promise for things to come.

While referencing seminal rock such as Weezer and Billy Talent, ZOO HARMONICS have also injected new fire into the broad alt-rock genre, through a reputation for wild live shows, incendiary songs and firey hooks. Think of these guys as the soundtrack to the best party ever thrown and the scene of the crime of the worst hangover! If you thought punk rock has had its day, ZOO HARMONICS are just the musical shot in the arm that you have been waiting for!


  • Dror Goldstein - Guitar and lead vocals
  • Shay Zagreba - Guitar and vocals
  • Gal Aroch - Bass and vocals
  • Priel Horesh - Drums and vocals
"a distinctive and electrifying debut, which offers enormous promise for things to come" - Vents
"an album you'll be damned to avoid!.. half an hour of excellence" - Mentioned Reviews
"the soundtrack to the best party ever thrown and the scene of the crime of the worst hangover" - Dancing About Architecture
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